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Testimonials From Our Puppy Families

I personally own 3 dogs from Autumn Strawser of Strawser's French Bulldogs and I am beyond pleased with all of them. My first was Baylee, that I got in June 2015. She came to us completely healthy. I then purchased Rarity from her and have had no issues with her at all. Recently, I purchased Sadie from her and she is a happy and healthy puppy as well. Autumn has always been totally professional, knowledgeable and helpful everytime I have messaged her. She is an excellent breeder and I feel confident that anything I ever got from her would be nothing less than a healthy puppy.

Jennifer Gallentine

I am writing this letter in regards to Autumn Strawser and her french bulldog puppies.  I am a client of Autumn's and have purchased two french bulldog puppies from her within the last 2 years. I have had nothing but positive experiences. Autumn has always been gracious and upfront about her puppies. Autumn has made it a priority to keep in touch and be updated on the puppies. Autumn has been nothing but professional and I have recommended her and her puppies to several friends and colleagues. The two puppies that I have purchased from autumn are absolutely happy and healthy and have not had any ill health issues. My puppies go to the vet regularly for check ups and are in great health. My puppies are ages 10 months and 5 months and our family couldnt have asked for anything more! These puppies are well tempered, playful, and healthy. They are a part of our family and I keep in touch with Autumn so that she can see how they are doing and growing. Autumn has stated to me and in her contract that if ever there were an issue that she would take the puppies back. I would never dream of having to do that but it is a comfort knowing. So again, on behalf of autumn and her puppies, I have nothing but high regards and positive feedback!!               Thank you, Kimberly Barley


I just want to state that I have a puppy from Autumn Strawser from Strawser's French Bulldogs. His name is Walter and is was born 05/04/2016, which makes him 10 months old at this time. I was working in Pittsburg, PA on the film “Fences” when we first began the process of finding a sibling for my 9 year old French Bulldog, Marty. Autumn was great as well as transparent in telling me about Walter as a puppy. Marty and I were able to go out and meet the litter as well as the Mom, Merlot and Pop, Walter. We visited her home and saw the love and attention she gave to all her dogs. I felt she was well versed in raising these dogs and cared for them as if her own. She was able to answer my questions concerning the puppies health as I have had two previous French Bulldogs. I am well versed in the health problems of these dogs and I feel that my Walter from Autumn of Strawser’s French Bulldogs is the healthiest Frenchie I have ever owned. My vet, Dr. Moller of Santa Monica, who has cared for all my dogs, agrees. We live in Venice Beach, California. I want to say I am so happy to have met Autumn Strawser and now have Walter in our lives. She did and does a wonderful job raising french bulldogs who are happy and healthy.

Jan Ruona     

I just wanted to write to you and Thank you for making our family complete. Lola is now almost 2 and Dash is almost 5months. My kids love these dogs so much they fight over who gets to sleep with the dogs. I've had many different breeds growing up and my Frenchies have been by far the most amazing dogs I have ever had. I love how much you truly care about your dogs and the puppies. You and your husband are wonderful people and we are very blessed to have met you. I have had many people ask where I got my dogs from because they are so beautiful and of course I always refer them to your Facebook page. Thank you for everything!!! Cherie Mikell

On Wednesday June 29, 2016, our family purchased a french bulldog puppy from Autumn at Strawsers French Bulldogs.  To say that I did an extensive amount of research prior to purchasing would be an understatement.  We had a Boston Terrier for 14 years before she passed in March 2016 and she was a member of our family.  So, to bring in another puppy, after our four children had lost the only dog they've grown up with, was critical that we find the best. From the very beginning of reaching out to Autumn, I was impressed.  She's extremely professional, truly loves and cares for her puppies, and takes care of her clients.  We bought our puppy fairly soon after she was born so waiting that long two months before getting her was like waiting to see your first newborn! But, Autumn was just perfect  She sent us weekly pictures and updates and answered every question we had during that time. We were extremely satisfied when we went to pick up our pup, Bella. Autumn maintains an extremely clean property and again is very professional. Bella has been through all of her puppy appointments and has received a clean bill of health from our vet.  Bella is an awesome dog - sweet, vibrant, healthy! I would highly recommend any family, friend or acquaintance that is interested in a puppy to work with Autumn at Strawsers French bulldogs. We would certainly go back to Autumn again but at this time, Bella is all we need. 
Thank you,
Christina Flaim     

Hello. My name is Sean Appel, I'm 34 years old and live in Pottstown, PA. My wife, Toni and I thought it would be a great idea to find a dog for our family. After talking it over and weighing options we decided on getting a French Bulldog. While looking for a breeder we came across Strawser's French Bulldogs. From the beginning Autumn was very personable and informative. We never felt pressured into purchasing a puppy from her. On October 30, 2016 Autumn had posted pictures of Greta's litter born on October 29, 2016. As soon as we saw a picture of a female Sable coated pup Toni and I fell in love. We immediately contacted Autumn about putting a deposit on this beautiful puppy. About a week after contacting Autumn she contacted me asking if we had an idea what we would name our puppy. She explained that reasoning is she will immediately begin calling the puppy by the name his/her new owners will pick out. This is a trait very few if any other breeders do. Over the course of the next 8 weeks every Sunday Toni and I would receive a message on Facebook from Autumn giving us an update on LuLu along with a picture. Every time we had a question no matter who little or big it was we got a response within an hour. Usually it was within minutes. Toni and I along with our 2 children drove from our home to Autumn's home in Mifflintown on December 27, 2016 to pick up LuLu. Upon entering Autumn's home you could immediately tell that the puppies along with her own dogs were very well taken care of. The home was clean and in order. All the puppies had able amounts of room, toys, food and water in their kennels. Autumn even allowed us to see the parents, Greta and Pyper before we left. I've never felt so welcomed in a stranger's home as I did with Autumn. After we got home with Lulu we made an appointment for the next day with our veterinarian for a check up. Our vet at Patt Veterinary Hospital was extremely pleased with the record of vaccines and vital statistics Autumn had taken for LuLu. She actually wished more breeders took as much time and care as Autumn did. LuLu was given a complete good bill or health. In time since has have had LuLu she has continued to grow and develop. Today she is a healthy 10lbs and has remained up to date on all her shots. Overall I would say our experience with Autumn has a positive one. She is constantly posting pictures and updates of all the puppies in their new homes and when they come to visit. We enjoy talking with her and sending her updates on LuLu as well. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another puppy from her in the future and I would highly recommend her to somebody looking for a French Bulldog puppy.

Sean and Toni Appel

I heard about Autumn Strawser's French Bulldogs through a coworker of mine. She had purchased a dog from Autumn and highly recommended her. We got our first dog in December 2014 that we named Louie. We also purchased Louie's brother Otis for our son-in-law to give to our daughter as a surprise Christmas gift. As soon as we arrived at Autumn's to pick out a dog, we met the parents of the puppies and the other dogs. It was a very positive experience. Autumn is knowledgeable about her dogs and has always been there to answer questions and to guide us. The dogs are a constant source of joy and love. They are physically and emotionally healthy, also structurally sound. They have extremely loving personalities and anyone who meets them is delighted with their adorable appearance and wonderful temperament. We had such a great experience with our first dog, we went back to Autumn for another Frenchie in June 2015. Our second dog, Laney, is equally as rewarding as our first. Autumn has displayed kindness, integrity, and generosity, both as a person and business woman. She continues to demonstrate care for her dogs and the breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients. I highly recommend Autumn Strawser if you're looking for a positive experience when purchasing a dog.

My husband and I purchased a French Bulldog puppy from Autumn Strawser in November of 2015. I contacted Autumn about the pup as soon as we seen him. Autumn was very polite to talk with and allowed us to come meet with her and see the pup. Arriving at her home she lives in good conditions,very friendly , we spent a few hours at her home. Her pups and dogs are very very well taken care of. We met the parents of the pup we purchased and his siblings, which was great! All the siblings of the pup we purchased were in great health. The pup we purchased we named Max. Max was in great health, when taken to the vet for the first with us everything was great. Max was in excellent health, no parasites , weight was good, he was spoiled by Autumn. Max is now over a year old and doing wonderful. He loves to play, people, and eat! Max is just a happy pup! Our experience with Autumn Strawser was excellent! Autumn is very friendly, and helpful about anything you ask her about French Bulldogs. We are very happy we got to meet Autumn and still keep in contact to this day. Autumn kept in contact with us until it was time to get Max , she would send us texts and pictures to keep us up to date. My husband and I knew that Autumn was great to all her animals , we gave her a French Bulldog puppy , because we knew that she would be in great hands and would be taken care of well. We know she is spoiled, Autumn sends me pictures of her. We would highly recommend Autumn to anyone that would like to purchase a French Bulldog !
Michele and Michael Quigley

I am writing in regards to Autumn Strawser of Strawser’s French Bulldogs. We purchased our French Bulldog puppy, Samson, from Autumn on 4/26/15. At this point, Samson was just born and Autumn kept us updated with lots of photos as he got older until we were able to pick him up at eight weeks old. She sent us the first pictures when he was just five days old, again when he opened his eyes, and a few more times in the next couple of weeks. She invited us to come see Samson in person when he was six weeks old. We were also able to see both of his parents, Zoey and Walter, and his sister who was already in the process of being adopted. All dogs were happy and healthy and super cute. We were able to pick Samson up on June 17th from Autumn’s home. He had all of the necessary puppy shots an eight week puppy should have prior to picking him up. Autumn gave us a “puppy health portfolio” to keep track of all of his vaccinations which was very helpful. Autumn also gives her clients a one-year health guarantee which was never needed for us. We took him to our local vet, Straley’s Veterinary Clinic, within one week of bringing him home to have his puppy health check. Everything was completely fine and Samson was doing very well with us – he was even paper trained already when we got him. Samson is now one and a half years old and we have never experienced any health issues or behavioral issues with him. He is, in my honest opinion, the best, most well behaved dog I have ever personally owned. He is great with our whole family and loves meeting new people. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in working with a breeder and to this day Autumn is still involved with us. She frequently posts pictures on social media of Samson and keeps in contact through social media as well. I feel comfortable going to Autumn for any health advise as I did ask her a lot of questions the first few months of having Samson. Autumn Strawser is a great breeder and takes very good care of all of her dogs and puppies as well as keeping the adopting families informed throughout the process and beyond. I have already recommended her to anyone asking about our dog and I would continue recommending her and spreading good word of her business any chance I get.

Jessa Hockenbury 

I can not say enough good things about Autumn Strawser. I have wanted a french bulldog my whole life. I researched and followed breeders on social media for as long as I can remember. Everyday weeding out ones that didn’t seem up to par. One day Autumn posted the most beautiful puppy, and I knew he had to be mine! She went above and beyond in keeping us in the loop the weeks leading up to us picking up our little man. We got constant photos and videos! She answered every single question I had without hesitation. And I promise, I asked a ton lol even when my boyfriend told me " leave her alone already".  Autumn just seemed to love answering anything I had to ask, you can tell she really cared! The day came when we went to pick up Diesel and we were greeted by a warm smile and walked into a home full of frenchie stuff, which we couldn’t help but to smile. We got to see our puppies parents and siblings as well! Autumn sends us home with the most giving and thoughtful puppy kit I could ever imagine! When she handed us our baby you can tell the love she had for him! She said the hardest part is saying goodbye as she hugged and kissed him! She encouraged us to keep her up to date with his milestones and pictures! She added us to a Facebook group, where we can see all of the families who have a Strawsers french bulldog! Which I’ve never seen a breeder do before! One day I messaged Autumn about a toy that was in her puppy kit, that Diesel loved and she explained how they were discontinued last year, she bought them all of them she could find at that time! I came home one day to a package from her with two of the toys in them! Who would do that? The love this women has for these dogs is unlike any other! I’ve never felt more comfortable with any decision I’ve ever made before. Autumn really makes you a part of her family! And I’m proud to say we are a part of Strawsers French Bulldogs! I’m now a dog mom to a happy, healthy, extremely goofy, loving little boy, Diesel! He’s the light of my life and has the best personality and temperament. I will be a Strawsers french bulldog mama for life! Thank you Autumn for being you and blessing me with this amazing little boy Diesel! We are beyond happy to be apart of your family!!....Serena Paige

 We began searching for the perfect Frenchie breeder at the beginning of 2018.  After checking out a few breeders online, we thankfully stumbled upon Strawser's French Bulldog's site.  The dogs and puppies on Autumn's website were absolutely adorable, so we knew we had found the right place.  After contacting Autumn, she promptly responded by answering any questions we had.  Our precious little Bijou arrived in April.  When we first met her, we were able to meet her brothers and sisters as well as her parents and some of the other Frenchies that Autumn owns.  You could truly tell how much she loves every single animal she has.  On June 9th, we finally got to bring Bijou home.  She is such a cute little girl!  Bijou caught on really quickly and is wonderful around so many people, including children.  Also, she has successfully attended doggy daycare.  She can be a pistol with her playful moments, but she is also so sweet when it comes to her cuddle time.  We love Bijou sooooooo much!!!  If you've been looking for the perfect place to find your perfect French Bulldog, you've found it!...Carlo and Elizabeth Cortese 

I currently own 2 dogs from Autumn Strawser and  Strawsers French Bulldogs. After taking a year long break after the death of my previous French bulldog I was looking to adopt an adult dog. I found Autumn at the Bloomsburg fair Dog Show. Wheb I saw how beautiful her dogs were, I knew I had to contact her. After messaging back and forth she told me she had an adult that she was going to rehome after she had her puppies. I was leery about rescues/adults because I have 2 small grandchildren and I wanted  to make sure the dog I adopted would be good with the kids. Autumn introduced me to one of her favorite and most popular dogs Merlot. I can honestly say everything Autumn told me about her was spot on. She assured me she was a gentle dog great with kids. Well needless to say Merlot was the sweetest most gentle dog. Shortly after I agreed to adopt Merlot one of her pups became available and I jumped at the chance to adopt him. I have never regretted the decision. He has the same sweet gentle personality. Is well adjusted and healthy. I have found Autumn to be extremely knowledgeable and is always there when I have questions. She keeps in touch and I have become part of her family. She takes excellent care of all her dogs and pups and is fussy of her adoptive families. Autumn has high integrity and makes sure her pups are well cared for well after adoption. I am honored to have been able to adopt Merlot and her son who I named Max. I highly recommend Autumn Strawser and her French Bulldogs....Eileen Martin    

This little boy has changed our lives 

I cannot say enough about our Frenchie Jax, he has literally brought complete joy and happiness to our world, if you are looking for a puppy, you will be so very pleased, we are beyond happy with him, my son and I love him so very dearly, and do not know how we made it without him.