Strawsers French Bulldogs

Strawsers French Bulldogs


Our Females

Strawsers TootsieRoll....Tootsie is Jams sister. She is a serious diva, she will make sure you know of her presence! If not, Tootsie will voice her opinion! 

Strawsers CareBear....This hotty toddy is a character plus!!! It’s her job to keep everyone in line, I’d say she’s the tiny boss here! 

Strawsers Blueberry Jam....Jam is a very petite girl from our lines. She’s one of the smallest girls we own. Just like her grandma Molly. She is always on the move, never turns down playtime. Her best friend is her sister Jelly. 

Strawsers Lilac Jelly.…I get a kick out of this picture! Jelly sure loves her food, she is a short little jellyroll! Very sweet, and easy going girl. 

Strawsers Kandycake....Kandycake is our smallest girl here. She’s super quite, and easy going. She loves playing with our young puppies, and teaching them the ropes! 🌟Kandy is one of our superstars featured in a commercial

Strawsers LaffyTaffy....This sweet cheeks is sooo comical! She still thinks she’s a little puppy with her shenanigans. She’s our little mermaid, always in the doggy pool. 🌟Taffy is one of our superstars that worked for Animal Planets Puppybowl

Strawsers Twixie….Twix is TootsieRolls daughter. She’s a petite little marshmallow! Extremely comical, with sooo much love to give. Twix is definitely the wigglebutt of the group! 🌟 She is one of our little superstars! Twix has worked for a dog food company. 

Strawsers Bellva….So proud to say Bellva is 5th generation from our merle breeding lines. She’s such an extremely easy going girl, with a gorgeous face to match her old soul.