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Strawsers French Bulldogs

Our Females

Strawsers Muffin.....aa/dd/Bb?...Muffin is Tootsies big sister. She is a little spit fire, and needs all of the attention. Did you know she worked it on set for a Kate Spade campaign?! Check out our Superstars⭐️ tab!

 Strawsers Gretchen....aya/Dd/Ee/bb..Gretchen is a very easy going girl, she is super sneaky though! Her favorite hobby is stealing chews, toys, and blankets from the others!  

Strawsers is Muffins little sister. She is a serious diva, she will make sure you know of her presence! If not, Tootsie will voice her opinion! 

Strawsers CareBear....atat/ee/Dd/Bb...This sweetie pie is a character plus!!! She loves to pick with the adults, thinking she’s one of the big kids.  

Strawsers Diva.... upcoming 

Strawsers Blueberry Jam....upcoming 

Strawsers Lilac Jelly....upcoming