Strawsers French Bulldogs

Strawsers French Bulldogs


Favorite Brands/Discount Codes


Natural Dog Company has an amazing healing line of balms that is bully friendly!!! I suggest the 5 piece travel set to start out, so you can try each kind. All natural, American made, and results guaranteed!!!! At checkout use DISCOUNT CODE: SFB



 Frenchiestore has our hearts!!! I  seriously can’t say enough good things about this brand! So nice to work with, and such amazing quality products! I love that their harness have not one, but 2 spots for a hooks. This makes it a perfect health conscious harness for Frenchies who want to pull, or have breathing issues. At checkout use DISCOUNT CODE: SFB 


We’ve used the Paw Original beds for about 5 years now. The tops are machine washable, waterproof bed on top of memory foam that doesn’t flatten! So many designs, options to choose from. Want $20 off your order? Click the link.


Living in the middle of nowhere makes it difficult to buy all of our pet necessities. Thank goodness for chewy!!! Somedays we order in the evening, and the order is already on our doorstep the next day! Want 30% off of your first order? Click the link below.