Strawsers French Bulldogs

Favorite Brands/Discount Codes


Natural Dog Company has an amazing healing line of balms that is bully friendly!!! I suggest the 5 piece travel set to start out, so you can try each kind. All natural, American made, and results guaranteed!!!! At checkout use DISCOUNT CODE: SFB


 Frenchiestore has our hearts!!! I  seriously can’t say enough good things about this brand! So nice to work with, and such amazing quality products! I love that their harness have not one, but 2 spots for a hooks. This makes it a perfect health conscious harness for Frenchies who want to pull, or have breathing issues. At checkout use DISCOUNT CODE: SFB 


The living grass absorbs liquids and controls odors naturally, turning puppy potty training into an easy and stress-free experience. There is no cleaning or maintenance needed because the entire unit is fully disposable. Simply replace your discarded unit with a new Fresh Patch when it arrives at your doorstep.